She times Sex Bob-omb’s most other groupie More youthful Neil, even in the event the woman is however hung-up towards Scott

She times Sex Bob-omb’s most other groupie More youthful Neil, even in the event the woman is however hung-up towards Scott

Blades Chau try an excellent 17-year-dated (18-year-dated into the Frequency 6) Chinese-Canadian senior high school girl and you will care about-explained “Scottaholic” (no matter if she later on will get more him). Whenever Knives times Scott, she is delighted-go-happy, however when he duped on her (very first “forgetting” to split with their unique), her personality significantly changes. Shortly after he “grows up” and you can indicates that he demonstrated a desire for Ramona, he getaways with Knives and you can she involves terms with it. The woman is brand new supplementary antagonist of your entire series.

Whenever she times Scott, this woman is initial a quiet, umagration Г¦gteskab typical school girl. But not, whenever she finds out he could be cheating on the, she will get bitter, possessed, and you will jealous. Blades colors her locks then altered their particular clothes concept; she expectations so you’re able to winnings Scott back by starting to be more out-of a great hipster and “chill.”

She and you may Young Neil later separation, however, Knives nonetheless hangs out to the category, and also by Regularity 5 had apparently put up a common attraction to Stephen Stills. So it, not, are proven to be untrue at the conclusion of Volume 6 for the bottom line that Stephen ended up being matchmaking Joseph. Afterwards about collection, she has reached a quantity of desired which have Ramona.

She accustomed idolize Jealousy Adams, centered on their own achievements because the a musician along with her previous matchmaking that have Scott but is in the future disenchanted when Envy possess their own drummer Lynette punch Blades difficult sufficient to knock the brand new highlights off her hair (even though also a short while later Blades did not bring by herself so you can dislike Envy’s songs.) Knives’ dad will get alert to Scott’s past relationship with their daughter, resulting in him to help you seem your off and try to destroy your, even though Scott afterwards brings in their allowed.

Appearance [ ]

Blades was a tiny asian girl having a skinny build. She’s got black locks one to in her own first looks is actually a lot of time and you may fastened back again to good ponytail, however, later on are converted to a preliminary bob tresses reduce, just like Kim’s hair style. As opposed to the other characters throughout the collection, their own vision try drawn just like the just a couple of black colored dots.

Inside Frequency dos, Blades colors section of her locks red (blue about flick), in an effort to imitate Ramona’s design while having Scott’s attract. She sports which research through to the start of Frequency step 3, in which Lynette Guycott punches the new shows from their unique tresses (About movie, yet not, it’s Todd Ingram one to does this).

She sporting events different outfits regarding courses, with her extremely legendary are their race gown used from inside the Volume dos that consists of a black sleeveless onepiece fit that have black fingerless gloves and you will a beneficial striped garment. That it search are their standard appearance from the video game.

Bio [ ]

Knives Chau was created seventeen years until the beginning of the variety of Chinese-Canadian lineage. Their unique lifestyle inside senior school is very lonely and her mommy nagged their own to find people to love, as choice merely did not appeal her. Throughout one disagreement on the a bus, she fulfilled Scott Pilgrim and began relationship your. Scott try even the only thing about their particular or even incredibly dull and you may average life that really generated their happier, and for that reason she turned into enthusiastic about your. She’d from time to time become out to pick his ring, Sex Bob-omb, play.

Sadly to own their particular, Scott broke up with their unique immediately after the guy fulfilled Ramona Plant life (even when he very first “forgot” to break up with her). This outraged their and you may she clipped and colored their locks and you may changed their particular clothing concept and you can becomes bad, possessed and jealous. She expectations in order to win Scott straight back because of the getting more out of an effective hipster. Their particular development one to Scott is cheating on her behalf having Ramona grounds pressure between the two girls, sometimes culminating for the real battles, even if after the 2 arrived at a level of enjoy of one a different.

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